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Red Series Street Rock'n'Roller

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The absolutely gorgeous original Street boot, this is the one which will put the swagger on your soul, tough and elegant, different and comfortable.

Made with stunning water-resistant leather. As beautiful as they are, don't put them on the shelf as we made them to be used, ok?

  • Beautiful thick leather
  • Side elastics.
  • Reinforced heels and toes and shank.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Hand made in Spain.
  • Gear shift padding

    Boot Anatomy - Street

    The stunning, handcrafted boots from Sendra are far from ordinary.

    Sendra has earned the trust of its customer over the years with the unique quality and comfort of its boots. Red Series is a great addition!

    Red Series by Sendra is range of boots specifically created by bikers for bikers. It features the key attributes of a quality, handcrafted boot, as well as the key protecting elements to keep you dry and safe, wherever you ride! 

    • Bovine leather: excellent for its appearance, texture, durability, and comfort.
    • Bovine leather: is very durable and will last longer than more-fragile leather from other animal skins.
    • Foam Padding: perfect for comfort under the gear change pad
    • Cork layer: for the comfort of personalize foot shape
    • Memory foam cushion
    • Goodyear welt with reinforced stitching thread
    • Steel shank reinforcement – durability and extra support for bikes without electric start
    • Heels and Toe caps reinforcement: comfort, grip, and protection
    • Kevlar layer built in for the extended protection
    • Leather heel seat
    • Pull tabs to help put the boots on