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Kytone Heart White Ladies Tee

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Finally a range for you ladies! A more adjusted cut, but the same spirit as the rest of the collection. Petrolhead and Petrolheart? With the Heart T-shirt, it is the adventure and the fuel that flow in our veins! (not super green, but we are not ready to go electric)

Completely made in our workshops in Portugal, the Heart Lady Tshirt is made in the strictest respect for humans and the environment. A tshirt that will last a long time with its thick 180gr cotton, quality seams! Forget the 5 € rags that we dare to call t-shirt, buy kytone it is not an expense, it is an investment! Like all kytone tshirts, the inspiration is vintage and the cut in the back to avoid the famous smile of the plumber when you sit at the bar or on your bike.