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Fuel Goggle Racing Division

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      ✓ FRAME

      ▪ Tensile and elastic polyurethane.
      ▪ Very light and flexible even in the most extreme conditions.
      ▪ Frame lateral inner space increased thus letting you wearing eyeglasses without any problems.
      ▪ Maximum visibility.
      ▪ Washable with water and neutral soap.
      ▪ Excellent abrasion resistance.
      ▪ Compatible with all types of helmets.

      ✓ LENS

      ▪ Anti-scratch and anti fog certified product.
      ▪ 7 points of contact of the lens to the frame.
      ▪ Easy way to change lens
      ▪ High visibility clear lens
      ▪ To be cleaned / washed separately with water only

      ✓ FOAM

      ▪ Multilayer foam with differentiated density, antiallergic
      ▪ Maximum comfort for a feeling of well-being and freshness.
      ▪ Absorption of humidity even in intense activity

      ✓ STRAP

      ▪ Polyester 45 mm wide.
      ▪ Double nylon buckle for a quick adjustment.
      ▪ Single silicon coated strap avoiding slippage