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Eudoxie Ladies Gloves

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Find fun, style and unique quality at Eudoxie ! Unique gloves that we offer you here. They are thin and close to the hand to ensure ease of movement and comfort when riding. They tighten at the wrist for a better fit.

They have tactile fingers on the thumb and forefinger, because we know that is always useful!

Our gloves are also made as soft armour. The palms are reinforced to combine flexibility, safety and comfort when you drive.

On the left hand, the one used to make the famous "V" which allows to greet the other bikers, we wanted to add our touch "Eudoxie". You can read our famous phrase "Ride Like a Girl " as a signature of our crew, and a greeting when you ride!

On the practical side, a strap has been added! With it, you won't be able to drop your gloves! In short, we've thought of everything to make your life easier!

The leather is premium and breathable. The material is thermoregulating so that you are neither too hot nor too cold.